Following the successful organization of the ICDAR2007 Handwriting Segmentation Contest and the ICDAR2009 Handwriting Segmentation Contest, we are pleased to invite all researchers in the field of off-line Handwriting processing to register and participate in the ICFHR 2010 Handwriting Segmentation Contest. The general objective of this contest is to use well established evaluation practices and procedures in order to record recent advances in off-line handwriting segmentation. We plan to create two benchmarking datasets (one for text line detection and one for word detection) and use a common evaluation platform in order to test and compare recent algorithms for handwritten document segmentation in realistic circumstances. A training dataset toolkit (the ICDAR2007 & ICDAR 2009 Handwriting Segmentation Contest benchmarking datasets along with an evaluation software) will be given to all participants just after registering. Datasets will contain B/W handwritten document images produced by many writers in several languages (English, French, German and Greek).

An agreement will be signed by the participants and the organizers in order to protect the rights of the submitted software. The results of the competition will be announced during a particular ICFHR 2010 session. A report on the competition will be published in the ICFHR 2010 conference proceedings.

Note: You may participate in this contest even if you do not plan to attend the ICFHR 2010 conference.    


B. Gatos, N. Stamatopoulos and
G. Louloudis

Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications
National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Greece

Important dates:
  • Registration  until 7/5/2010 21/5/2010
  • Algorithms submission by 14/5/2010 28/5/2010
  • More ..

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