About Microsoft

1993: AARD

Andrew Schulman, MS-Windows 3.1 beta-tester, wrote this article for the September 1993 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal regarding the AARD Detection Code which, when executed under Novell's DR-DOS, can generate a mysterious error message.

1998: The Halloween Documents

The Halloween Documents is a series of confidential MS memorandums that were leaked in October 1998. The memorandums are on MS's strategy against open source and Linux, and MS has acknowledged their authenticity.

2000: Microsoft on Trial

THE REGISTER: Microsoft on trial -- lots of detailed revelations

2003: `Trusted Computing'

An essay about TCPA/Palladium here


Microsoft's Dirty Tricks Department

What's So Bad About Microsoft?

The Anti-Microsoft web-ring: sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, mostly just plain dumb.

Microsoft might be the arch-devil, but there are lots of minor demons out there, like Unisys and SCO. See here why Unisys and GIFs are evil. As for SCO, they bought the Unix code and license from Novel in 1995, and now they're trying to collect money from all System V-derived systems out there, like IBM's AIX. They are also starting to makeing noises about Linux' being "too similar" to Unix, so that they might also levy a Linux tax! (See LinuxAdvisor, The Register) It takes a real effort to make IBM look good, but they are doing a good job! As usual, the Devil is also involved: Microsoft rushed to pay SCO fees for its limited use of UNIX technology, hoping to add validity to SCO's ridiculous claims. (See IBM Advisor)

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