The Base System


BSD: The three open source projects that came out of BSD Unix are FreeBSD (NL mirror), NetBSD and OpenBSD. is hosting BSD-related resources and discussion lists.

Multics: a piece of living history.

Sun Solaris:

Various free unixen are listed here and here.

The Terminal

Thomas Dickey is maintaining ncurses, the new terminal curses implemention, as well as two widget toolboxes based on it: cdk (library) and dialog (script interpreter.

S-Lang is a a C-like language designed tobe embedded in software. It offers extensibility and flexibility by giving the user a very strong tool with which to modify the software's behaviour. It also provides a library that allows text-based applications to abstract away from the specifics of the terminal or terminal emulator used.

The X11 Desktop

The X consortium and X Servers:

LessTif is a Free implementation of the Open Group's Motif.


Terminal Emulation: one of the best things one can do with X11, is have many terminals open at the same time!

xearth 1.0

Mission Impossible: Consistent BackSpace and Delete Configuration. (A very useful, but elusive page. If the document above disapears -again- try here or here.)


The C Programming Language:

ISO's WG14 committe is the body responsible for the standardisation of the C language.
A draft (WG14/N869, 18-1-1999) of the current standard is available in postscript and plain text format.
The standard itself (ISO/IEC 9899) as adopted by ISO in 1999 is not publicly available, but has to be bought through one's national member body. In addition to that, only hardcopies and scans are available.

The FAQ of the comp.lang.c newsgroup.

Michael Norrish' work on the semantics of C

Martin Leslie's C Programming Reference

Dikum C library reference

About GNU's gcc: