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Gemeente Groningen
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Bioscoopagenda: Groningen

Zoem: monthly film overview of the Groningen art house cinemas.

Images: the only film house in Groningen showing non-Hollywood movies. Known as the Filmcentrum Poelenstraat up until the renovation of winter 2001/02, it was established by the Liga 68 film club. Liga 68 has also been hosting FCP's on-line programme, until the web site was started in July 2003.


Vera: only the best venue in the Netherlands and one of the very best in the world. News, agenda, concerts, more music, zienema, verakrant, links
See also The Vera Project about what's so special about Vera.

The Jazz Café de Spieghel sometimes brings interesting bands in, not exclusively Jazz.

De Oosterpoort is the big venue in town.


The permanent collection of the Groninger Museum is nothing to get excited about, but some visiting exhibition might sometimes be interesting.

The Cultureel Studentencentrum USVA will occasionally organise interesting parties or other events.

Theatres: Grand Theatre, Stadsschouwburg

For the more mundane aspects of living in Groningen, be sure to check out these washing machine and dishwasher rentals.

Weekly overview of beer offers in the major supermarkets. Find out about furniture and other stuff that people are dumping and are available for free.

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