Vangelis Karkaletsis is a Research Director at IIT* in NCSR Demokritos** in Athens, Greece.
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Projects in which I have the role of scientific, technical or project management are marked by "**"

AMINESS (Analysis of marine information for environmentally safe shipping)
The goal of the AMINESS project is to contribute in the safety, management and monitoring of the sea environment and the Aegean Sea in particular. Reducing the possibility of ship accidents in the Aegean Sea is important to all economic, environmental, and cultural sectors of Greece. Oil spill cleanups can cost over 1 billion Euros, whereas accidents involving water soluble cargos would result in irrevocable changes to the Aegean ecosystem. Despite an increase in traffic, there are no national-level monitoring policies and ships formulate routes according to their best judgment. However, to reduce their own financial risk, shipping companies would directly benefit from a system that can reduce the possibility of an accident involving their own ship.
The project objective is the development of a web portal offering access to ship owners, policy makers and the scientific community. The portal will be used to (a) suggest vessel and environmentally optimal safe route planning (b) deliver real-time alerts for ships and (c) support policy recommendations. The portal will be based on historical and real-time maritime data, including real-time information for ship position and speed, weather and sea forecasting and land and sea location. Through this web-portal, the project aims directly to reduce the risk of a ship accident and consequently to contribute in the protection of the Aegean Sea. At the same time, the web-portal aims to bring profit to the enterprise partners of the project, mainly by proposing accident risk reducing services to ship owners.
The research partners will be given a unique opportunity to advance their methodologies for handling and analysis of huge quantities of heterogeneous spatiotemporal streaming data to assess risk in real time. Any lessons learned from the analysis of the high risk ship traffic of the Aegean Sea are likely to have direct and immediate relevance to policy makers and stakeholders globally.
Participants: National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (NCSR’D) (coordinator) (Greece), IMIS Hellas S.A (Greece), University of Aegean (Greece), University of Piraeus (Greece), DANAOS Management Consultants (Greece), Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation (Greece), AEGEAN Speed Lines (Greece).

** CLARIN-EL - CLARIN ATTIKI  (Support and development of Greek partners for the participation in the European Research Infrastructure Consortia)
CLARIN-EL aims at:
•    designing and implementing the Research Infrastructure (creation of software for the storage and disposal of Language Resources and Technologies, conversion of Language Resources and Technologies aimed at interoperability, description / documentation of Language Resources and Technologies according to the agreed metadata schema, list of available Language Resources and Technologies etc.), by adopting international standards and best practices geared towards interoperability of resources and tools
•    exploring the legal status which will govern the access to Language Resources and Language Technologies and providing legal consultation services to users and providers of Language Resources and Technologies
•    providing technical support to the providers and to the users of the infrastructure (the necessary software for the operation of the infrastructure and the relative consultation services, at all working stages, from the transformation of data to its presentation)
•    disseminating information related to the Research Infrastructure and organizing educational activities for the use of Language Resources and Technologies
•    continuing registering Language Resources and Technologies in order to help filling the gaps in Language Resources and Technologies for the Greek language
NCSR ‘Demokritos’ is responsible for the design and implementation of the infrastructure of the Language Technologies, including the local repository of the language tools, their web services and their Web UI. NCSR ‘Demokritos’ is also responsible for organizing educational activities for the use of the language technologies.
Participants:''Athena'' Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies (coordinator) (Greece), National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (NCSR’D), Greek Research and Technology Network S.A. (Greece)
Start: November 2012, Ends: September 2015

The project CLARIN-EL PREP prepared the ground for the Greek part of the European CLARIN initiative, by taking on the cartography of the Greek area regarding the existence of language resources and technologies, as well as the organization and coordination of a network in the service of the research community in Greece. NCSR was responsible for the collection and checking of information about language technology tools in the Greek area.
Participants: Institute for Language & Speech Processing - "Athena", Institute for the Management of Information Systems - "Athena", Ionian University, NCSR "Demokritos", National Documentation Center, University of Athens, University of Aegean
Programme: ESPA 2007-2013, Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Start: January 2010, End: March 2011.

The XENIOS project, aimed at the development of a user-robot communication system, based on visual data perception, voice processing and natural language generation. The system was installed in robotic platforms, which were used in museum exhibitions, for guiding the visitors and provide them with information in the area. NCSR involved in the development of the dialogue system, the personbalisation module, and the domain model.
Participants: Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, Athens University of Economics and Business, Foundation of the Hellenic World, NCSR "Demokritos", EREYNHTES
Programme: Information Society, Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Start: June 2006, End: December 2007.

** OntoSum (Ontology Management and Use to Support Summarization).
Objective: OntoSum supported three doctoral theses for development of new methods in the area of ontology engineering, as well as the use of ontologies in innovative intelligent applications. NCSR had the project management.
Participants: NCSR "Demokritos", Aegean University, Exodus SA.
Programme: PENED (Strategic Plan for Development), Greek Secretariat of Research and
Start: November 2005, End: October 2008.

FILTERIX (Web page filtering system).
Objective: Development of a proxy server, designed for the intelligent blocking of obscene content accessible through browsers on the World Wide Web.
Participants: Inst. Informatics & Telecom. (NCSR "Demokritos")
Programme: Internal research
Start: September 2000

** AUTONOMA (Automatic Acquisition of Named-Entity Recognition Grammars for Greek)
Objective: Use of grammar induction methods for the acquisition of Named-Entity grammars in Greek.
Participants: Inst. Informatics & Telecom. (NCSR "Demokritos")
Programme: EPET-II (Strategic Plan for Research and Technology), Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Start: October 1999, End: September 2001.

MITOS (Information Retrieval and Extraction from Financial News Items in Greek).
Objective: Development of a prototype for the retrieval and extraction of information, related to the interests of particular users, from financial news items written in Greek.
Participants: Inst. Informatics & Telecom. (NCSR "Demokritos"), Athens University of Economics and Business, University of Peireas, University of Patras, Knowledge S.A., SENA, KAPA-TEL S.A.
Programme: EPET-II (Strategic Plan for Research and Technology), Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Start: April 1999, End: May 2001.

KOINOTITES (Automatic Construction of User Communities in Digital Libraries)
Objective: Evaluation of Machine Learning methods on the construction of user communities in digital libraries.
Participants: Inst. Informatics & Telecom., Library, Inst. of Physical Chemistry.
Start: April 1999, End: March 2001.

Objective: Development of the first Greek prototype style checker to assist Greek technical writers as well as to facilitate translation from Greek to other languages. The project covered technical documents from the domain of computational equipment.
Participants: Institute for Language & Speech Processing, National Technical University of Athens, NCSR "Demokritos", UNISOFT S.A., ALTEC
Programme: EPET-II (Strategic Plan for Research and Technology), Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.
Start: November 1999, End: May 2001

HP-VUE Localisation
Objective: Localisation into Greek of the Hewlett Packard's Visual User Environment (HP-VUE) following the methods and guidelines specified by the GLOSSASOFT project.
Participants: HP Hellas, NCSR "Demokritos"
The project was funded by HP Hellas.
Start: May 1994; End: March 1995

*Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications | **National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos"