Dimitrios Vogiatzis.

I am interested in machine learning methods and its applications in social network analysis and in medical applications.

I am currently affiliated to the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR "Demokritos" as a collaborating researcher.

I am also the coordinator of MS in Data Science program at the American College of Greece.

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Project Involvement

Simply Easy Learning


Malt-P aims to automate the process of software testing for the European Space Agency.

Simply Easy Learning


P4-LUCAT is created to develop a platform to be used by oncologists in the pursuit of helping them in the decision-making process to determine the best treatment for a lung cancer patient. To take this decision the data that will be considered will be data from previous patients extracted from EHR, open data and scientific publications.

Book chapters

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    Journal Articles

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      Conference Articles

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        Technical Reports

          1. Tzanavari, A., Avgeriou, P. & Vogiatzis, D. "Patterns for Adaptive Web-based Educational Systems". Technical Report TR-2003-4, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus. December 2003
          2. D. Vogiatzis et al.,"Cyber Bullying and Online Grooming: Helping to protect against Risks", European Networks and Information Security Agency (ENISA), co-authored by Dimitrios Vogiatzis, Sept 2011

Contact Information.

Dimitrios Vogiatzis


Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications

NCSR "Demokritos

Ag. Paraskevi, 15310

Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 210 6503172

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