George Paliouras

Researcher at IIT of NCSR "Demokritos" in Athens, Greece.
Head of the Division of Intelligent Information Systems of IIT.
Member of Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL).
Area Editor in the journal of Computational Intelligence .
SKEL groups: Complex Event Recognition (CER), Biomedical and Health Informatics (BioHIT), Personalization and Social Network Analysis (PerSoNA), Content Analysis and Knowledge Technologies (CAKT).

Research Interests - keywords: machine learning, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, personalization, user modelling, information filtering, information extraction, event recognition, ontology learning, grammar learning, Web mining.

Selected publications

  • 1. G. Katsimpras and G. Paliouras, Class-aware tensor factorization for multi-relational classification, Information Processing & Management.( ( Publisher's online version) ( pdf preprint)
  • 2. E. Michelioudakis, A. Artikis and G. Paliouras, Semi-supervised online structure learning for composite event recognition, Machine Learning. v. 108, is. 7, pp. 1085-1110 (2019). ( Publisher's online version) ( pdf preprint)
  • 3. E. Alevizos, A. Skarlatidis, A. Artikis and G. Paliouras, Probabilistic Complex Event Recognition: A Survey, ACM Computing Surveys. v. 50, is. 5, n. 71, pp.1-31 (2017). ( Publisher's online version) ( pdf preprint)
  • 4. N. Katzouris, A. Artikis and G. Paliouras, Online learning of event definitions, Theory and Practice in Logic Programming v. 16, n. 5-6, pp. 817-833 (2016). (Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)
  • 5. G. Papadakis, G. Giannakopoulos and G. Paliouras, Graph vs. bag representation models for the topic classification of web documents, World Wide Web v. 19, n. 5, pp. 887-920 (2016). (Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)
  • 6. G. Paliouras, S. Papadopoulos, D. Vogiatzis and Y. Kompatsiaris (editors), User Community Discovery, Springer (2015). (Publisher's online version)
  • 7. N. Katzouris, A. Artikis and G. Paliouras, Incremental learning of event definitions with Inductive Logic Programming, Machine Learning, v. 100, n. 2, pp. 555-585 (2015). (Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)
  • 8. A. Kosmopoulos, I. Partalas, E. Gaussier, G. Paliouras and I. Androutsopoulos, Evaluation measures for hierarchical classification: a unified view and novel approaches, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, v. 29, n. 3, pp. 820-865 (2015). (Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)
  • 9. A. Artikis, M. J. Sergot and G. Paliouras, An Event Calculus for Event Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, v. 27, n. 4, pp. 895-908 (2015). (Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)
  • 10. G. Tsatsaronis, G. Balikas, P. Malakasiotis, I. Partalas, M. Zschunke, M.R. Alvers, D. Weissenborn, A. Krithara, S. Petridis, D. Polychronopoulos, Y. Almirantis, J. Pavlopoulos, N. Baskiotis, P. Gallinari, T. Artieres, A. Ngonga, N. Heino, E. Gaussier, L. Barrio-Alvers, M. Schroeder, I. Androutsopoulos and G. Paliouras, An overview of the BIOASQ large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering competition, BMC Bioinformatics, v. 16, n. 138 (2015).(Publisher's online version) (pdf preprint)

Current projects


Integration and analysis of heterogeneous big data for precision medicine and suggested treatments for different types of patients.


Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting


Track and Know

Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas



A challenge on large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering


  • 05/08/2019: Proudly announcing global collaboration of NCSR 'Demokritos' with EY.
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  • 03/08/2019: The 7th BioASQ Workshop will be held as part of ECMLPKDD Conference on 20th September 2019.
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  • 26/07/2019: New MSc in AI. Submit your application until 15th of September 2019.
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  • 19/04/2019: The 2nd Big Data for Precision Medicine Symposium (BDPM 2019) co-organized by iASiS project in June.
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  • 16/02/2019: Presented BioASQ Challenge at BLAH Hackathon in Japan. Video available.
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  • 15/02/2019: iASiS Project travelled to Japan.
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  • 04/02/2019: Organizing tutorial at ACAI-2019 / HAISS-2019 in July.
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  • 15/10/2018: Presented datACRON at the Dalhousie University, Canada.
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  • 15/10/2018: Presented iASiS at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada.
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  • 01/08/2018: The International Symposium on Big Data for Precision Medicine was successfully organized by the project iASiS.
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Supervising PhD theses

Georgios Paliouras
Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications
NCSR "Demokritos"
P.O. BOX 60037
Ag. Paraskevi, 15310
Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 21 06503158
Fax: +30 21 06532175

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