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My Projects  
   Tk Drag & Drop
   Tcl Agent
   Tk Toolbar

Mirrored Packages

My Projects
  • Tk Drag & Drop: tkdnd is an extension that adds native drag & drop capabilities to the tk toolkit. It can be used with any tk version equal or greater to 8.4 and currently only the UNIX (X-Windows) and Microsoft Windows operating systems are supported. Under unix the drag & drop protocol in use is the XDND protocol version 4 (also used by the QT toolkit, KDE & GNOME Desktops). Under Windows, the OLE drag & drop interfaces are used.

    tkdnd can be found at SourceForge.

  • Tcl Agent: TclAgent is a Tcl extension that extends Tcl with the ability to control MS Agents, like the Clippit, Merlin or others. It runs only under MS Windows.

    TclAgent can be found at SourceForge.

  • Tk Toolbar: Tk Toolbar is a Tk only extension that implements a toolbar widget for tk. The created toolbars can be moved to the four sides of the host window and additionally can be detached from the hosting window into floating windows. Features inlude the ability to embbed any widget, tooltip and status bar support(placing the tooltip message in a widget acting as a status bar).

    The code can be found here.

Mirrored Projects

The following files are stored locally and are recent versions of various projects hosted on SourceForge or other CVS server. Even more packages can be found at or alternatively at